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Saturday, August 6, 2011

WASH materials list

All of these supplies are required & we will be using ALL of them. You can choose to purchase these items anywhere you like. However, at BearKat Books Art Supply (located at 2223 Ave. J in Huntsville) they have put a Kit together and will offer you a 10% discount for purchasing in bulk!!! Purchasing all items separately will cost you at least $193. Purchasing the KIT at BearKat will only cost $172.82 Kits will be available to purchase on Monday, August 20th. BearKat Books open daily 8am-5pm, 936-295-4108.

Write your name on everything! Your scissors, glue, etc looks exactly like everyone else's! Names will help you not inadvertently take your neighbor's stuff.
WASH Visual Journal available at BearKat Books (1) The cost is $14 to purchase outside of kit
Composition Notebook (1)
882-E Scantrons (2)
Large Bluebook BB-2 (1)
Black Twin Tip Sharpies (2)
Black Sharpie Pens (2)
No.2 Pencils (2)
Sharpie fine point permanent pens (8 color set)
Sharpie ultra fine permanent pens (8 color set)
Chartpak colorless blender pen (1)
Cray-Pas Oil Pastels (12 color set)
Liquitex Basics Acrylic paint (5 color set; including black/white)
Paint Brush set (set of 25)
Palette knife set (set of 5)
Strathmore 300 Bristol pad 9x12 (20 sheet pad)
Clearpoint Vellum Paper (10 sheets)
ModPodge Medium (8 oz.)
Tracing Paper Pad 9x12 (50 sheets)
Black Construction Paper 12x18 (100 sheets)
WhiteOut Pen (1)
Single Hole Punch (1)
Utility Knife (box cutter type with additional blades)
X-acto type precision knife with cap and 5 #11 blades
Circle Template (1)
Square Template (1)
Self-healing cutting board 8.5x12 (1)
Binder clips small (set of 12)
Binder clips medium (set of 10)
Push Pins Clear (set of 20)
T-pins 1” (set of 100)
Masking tape (3/4”x60yards)
Blue Painters Tape (3/4”x60yards)
Spray Mount Adhesive (4oz.)
Uhu Glue Stick (medium)
Carpenters Wood Glue (8oz.)
Elmers Glue (8oz.)
18” Cork Backed Metal Ruler (1)
Kneaded Eraser (1)
Sanding Block Medium/Fine (1)
Masonite Squares 12”x12” (2)
Masonite Squares 6”x6” (1)
Additional Required Materials NOT included in the WASH Kit:
Scissors (1)
Mounting Boards (size will vary)
Ream of white copy paper (pack of 500)
Ream of White Card Stock (pack of 250)
White Thread (1 spool)
Black Thread (1 spool)
Sewing needles (small pack)
Bleach Pen (1)
Wax Paper (1 roll)
USB Flash Drive 2GB or 4GB (1)
Blank CD’s (pack of 10)
Blank DVD’s (pack of 5)
Hot Glue Gun (1)
Hot Glue Sticks (package of 50-100)

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