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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

APPLES + ORANGES and my own green GRASS.

Hmmm there was a question asked today in regards to which classes’ larger than life projects, as a class, were “better.” I gave a quick off the cuff answer and then had to go home and think about why I answered the way I did and why did I perceive differences. I found the “better” question hitting me a bit like “apples and oranges” as well as the “the grass is greener” in my reflection. So I really had to think about WHY.

Here is why both are better and different (apples + oranges) upon first mental run through. The projects in the two classes pushed two unique directions—TTR emphasized abstracting and sampling from a source object and having that object become something new, inspired again by the source object but not a literal reference; MW emphasized how to become one with the source object with more literal references to their source objects. What appealed to me overall from the TTR projects were the details, texture, extrapolations, surprises and humor; the appeal of the MW projects was the relationships of real artifacts from the source object showing up in and as a part of the body, the natural humor that comes from that, and
the performative element . There may have been surprises on MW but since I witnessed their entire process so I knew what was coming.

So ultimately apples and oranges.

“The greener grass” came from the fun surprises of TTR. Because I had not seen anyone’s process in the class, everything was unexpected, fresh and new to me.

Was the grass actually greener? No, just different and a fun surprise. And I have awesome grass and fruit in my yard as well. I intend to keep watering it!.

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